The last 10 years since we have been in business, we are trying to hire people who will be our ambassadors and to represent JDM EXPEDITE INC. During that time we felt the pulse of our professional drivers and therefore, we offer many flexible options that will make your time spent on the road safe in one of our late model trucks!

We offer a flexible choice to our drivers:

*Based on last year's annual statistic.

  • *2960 Miles average (Solo)
  • *6450 Miles average (Team)
  • Flat guaranteed paid miles
  • Paid vacation
  • Safety bonus
Online Support
Flat paid miles
Paid vacation
Safety bonus

Trucks and Trailers

We provide our customers with reliable safe and efficient transportation information coordination, satellite tracking and customer services and delivered through our experienced staff.
Trucks under our dispatch will receive assistance 24/7.

Sale and Leasing

JDM EXPEDITE INC. offers inventory of new and used trucks and trailers for sale and lease in our Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta locations. All of our trucks are maintained by professional shops and for all maintenance we provide full maintenance history. You don't need credit history to be qualified for our lease program. We operate all 48 states. Give us a call today: 708-942-4585 - 8am-5pm central time

Track Shipment

Easily track your shipments across the United States and Canada. Use the dashboard for a quick glance of your upcoming, delivered, and en-route shipments, or use features to search for proof of delivery, see stop report details, or view a map where your shipment will be picked up, it’s current location, and the delivery destination.


At JDM EXPEDITE INC, we’re always looking for ways to communicate with our customers faster and more efficiently. That’s why we offer Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which allows you to send and receive shipment and billing information automatically via a secure, direct connection between your computer system and ours.

EDI’s benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Reduced paper flow and handling
  • Fewer manual interventions
  • No redundant data entry

Avg. Miles (Solo)
Avg. Miles (Team)

Common values

Trust and respect

Mutual trust and respect are foundation of our whole business

Reputation and business results

We are making possible for our clients to improve their reputation and business results

Challenge for our progress

We are recognizing, following, analyzing and respecting our competitors. We are experiencing their success as useful challenge for our progress and development


Our employees and external associates are dedicated to work and helping each other

Enthusiasm and optimism

Our employees and external associates are working with great enthusiasm and optimism which they are actively transferring to our clients

Needs of organization

We are accepting and respecting needs of organization, colleagues and owners

Business secrets

We are loyal to companies for whom we work  and we take care of their survival and development. We are keeping the “know how” and business secrets

Continuous improvement

Our companies have regular yearly development cycles. Continuous education, improvement and knowledge exchange is our decision


All who contribute to company growth and its development are justly rewarded

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