Claim Form

Standard Form for Presentation of Loss and Damage Claim

This claim is made against your company for:

Detailed Statement Showing How Amount of Claim is Determined (Number and description of articles, nature and extent of loss or damage, invoice price of articles, amount of claim, etc. ALL DISCOUNT and ALLOWANCES MUST BE SHOWN)

The following documents are submitted in support of this claim (if applicable):

Original Bill of Lading:

Original Delivery Receipt:

*Original invoice of goods:

Repair or replacement invoice:

Other supporting documents:

You have nine (9) months from the date of delivery to file a claim. JDM Logistix has 30 days to acknowledge a claim in writing and 120 days to process. Please be patient during this time.

By submitting this claim, you acknowledge that the subject shipment above is governed by the terms and conditions of JDM LOGISTIC INC.'s applicable tariff(s), available upon request and at

Any questions, please contact the Claims Department at 708-467-9100

Claim Filing Instructions

1. Customers have nine (9) months from the date of delivery in which to file a claim.

2. Carriers have 30 days in which to acknowledge a claim.

3. Carriers have 120 days to process a claim to conclusion, by payment or denial.

4. A written request for payment asserting carrier liability for alleged loss or damage containing facts sufficient to identify the shipment will constitute a claim.

5. A proper claim consists of:

  • A statement of the amount you seek in reimbursement.
  •  Your copy of the carrier’s Freight Bill (referred to as Waybill).  The shipper’s INVOICE or a certified
    copy of it.

6. A proper loss claim consists of:

  • All documents listed in #5 above.
  • Original Bill of Lading.

7. If damage is found after delivery, request for inspection should be made to our local office in or nearest
your city within 5 business days after delivery. Original packaging MUST be available. Should inspection
not be performed within five working days, the request should be confirmed in WRITING for your
protection in the event the Inspection is never made.

8. An INSPECTION REPORT does not serve as a CLAIM. It is not an acknowledgment of liability of the
carrier. You must comply with #4.

9. In cases of CONCEALED DAMAGE, the burden of proving carrier responsibility rests with the
claimant, by showing evidence that the damage did not occur prior to acceptance of the freight by the
carrier or after delivery by the carrier.

10. In the event of damage, it is the consignee’s responsibility to reduce the carrier’s loss in any way
possible. The permission is needed from the carrier to effect repairs, when possible, provided such action
does reduce loss.

11. Quite often the loss or damage is the responsibility of our connecting carriers. By regulations, we
cannot pay such a claim until authority is secured from that connecting carrier .

12. Please do not dispose of damaged merchandise until claim has been concluded.


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