“Ok, great, but what about PAY?”

“Ok, great, but what about PAY?”

There are tens of thousands of freight carriers in the US. Why are we different? Let’s see….

For one, most of our trucks are brand new Freightliner Cascadia 126’s, less than two years old. They come with the latest gear and are effortless to drive. And they kind of look great too.

Yes, but other companies also have new trucks.

True. However, most such companies are corporations where the trucking section is just a part of their business. We at JDM Expedite are all about trucking. The owner was once a trucker and so was the fleet manager. The COO was once a dispatcher, one of the best in the business. It’s a family business created by people who love trucks.

That all sounds nice but what about all the rules and safety?

We maintain our trucks in our yard but also anywhere you find yourself on the road. We won’t allow you to drive a rig that’s unsafe. And we don’t want DOT on our back. It’s a win-win situation. You stay safe; we get a good safety rating.

We also have ELD (electronic logging device) devices installed in all our trucks and we have had plenty of time to optimize them. You won’t have to worry about the hours, just follow the screen. The ELD is there for your benefit and our peace of mind. Most truckers have once or twice flirted with falling asleep at the wheel and you know what kind of feeling that is. We want to avoid that.

How do you optimize it when we can drive fewer hours than when we had paper logs?

Good question. We have trained all our drivers but also dispatchers and maintenance staff on how to use hours when, well, dispatching. It’s taken us a while, but we are better and still learning. You will always have enough hours to pick up and deliver freight. And you will always have enough hours to rest. During the day and during the night.

OK, great but what about pay? Are you like most of the other carriers who don’t appreciate drivers and their hard work?

Well, ask around. Speak to our drivers and see what they say. Our best company drivers not only earn top dollar, but they also feel like a part of one big, most of the times happy, family. Depending on your experience and how you perform in your first SIX MONTHS, you can soon find yourself with a raise. If you wish to join our family, fill out an online application form or call us to find out how.

Maybe you have a dream of some day owning your own truck. Become a JDM Expedite Lease Purchase driver where you get to lease a truck and control your costs. Sign the lease, take the keys and drive. Make regular payments, take care of our rig and we’ll make money together. At the end of the lease period, the truck is yours. Sure thing, our sign-up process is easy and you can find out all about it on our website www.jdmexpedite.com.

Then again, maybe you own your truck and you just want us to find you loads and dispatch you. No problem, we do that too and we have gotten good at it. We understand all the costs involved and we know about tolls, roadworks, fuel prices. Trucking business employees almost 6% of all Americans but we concede that the pay can be better. And we are working on that.

Our drivers are also very diverse, and they come from all over the world. Not only that, but a whopping 40% of our drivers come from minorities which is great. So much we can learn. Guess what the national average is. C’mon, guess. Well OK, I’ll tell you; it’s 20%. We don’t care where you are from as long as you are a good driver.

Hold on, but what is a good driver?

A good driver is responsible and takes care of his trucks, himself and follows all the rules and regulations. A good driver understands the value of a good night’s sleep. He or she is also on time and cooperates fully with the shippers and receivers. They are also in constant contact with their dispatcher and work well with them. Good drivers keep promises. Good drivers get praised by our business partners and clients. We love good drivers and want all of you to be good.

How are we going to achieve that?

Well, first you have a one-day orientation maybe even two. You get your truck, go through the checklist and then we even allow you to go home and get your stuff if you need to. Our dispatchers will find a good route. We give you training, in person and over the phone. We coach you all the time. And we are here for you 24/7 for whatever your needs are. No, really, we are here 24/7 365 days in a year.

We also let you get home for all the major holidays and every time you need to. We take care of you. I know many say the same thing, but as you know sometimes, it isn’t true. In this case it is. If you are good for us, we are good to you. As in every industry, if we can’t agree, we part ways and that’s it.

So how do you become a JDM Expedite driver? Go to our website or call 708-942-4585 and someone will put your through to recruitment. Should you decide to become a part of the company, fill out this form and we’ll go from there.

Give us a chance to prove all that we have written here is the truth and nothing but the truth. They say that the American dream is unattainable these days and that it’s not what it used to be before. We disagree. Our owner knows it, our drivers know that the American dream is in the palm of our hands. We just have to grab it and work hard not to lose it. We like to share, and we want you to have a piece of it too.

Go to www.jdmexpedite.com or visit our Facebook page. We hope to speak to you soon.

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