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We are pleased that you are considering JDM EXPEDITE INC. to be your company’s transportation partner. Please click the “Get quote” button below if you have more immediate needs and know the specific lane or lanes that need quoted.

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Based in the Chicago area, JDM EXPEDITE INC. provides all types of logistics and transportation services in the United States and Canada. Our mission is on time pickup and delivery with our network of thousands of reliable trucking companies.

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Track Shipment

Easily track your shipments across the United States and Canada. Use the dashboard for a quick glance of your upcoming, delivered, and en-route shipments, or use features to search for proof of delivery, see stop report details, or view a map where your shipment will be picked up, it’s current location, and the delivery destination.


At JDM EXPEDITE INC, we’re always looking for ways to communicate with our customers faster and more efficiently. That’s why we offer Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which allows you to send and receive shipment and billing information automatically via a secure, direct connection between your computer system and ours.

EDI’s benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Reduced paper flow and handling
  • Fewer manual interventions
  • No redundant data entry
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