The future of driver relations in JDM – We take care of our own

The future of driver relations in JDM – We take care of our own

You are a truck driver. You are cruising down the double deuce your music turned up, with just the road ahead of you. Guess that after 4 hours of driving, it can get a little lonely. Wouldn’t it be great if someone was to call you to touch base that very moment?

It’s early morning. You made it to the receiver early but three hours later you’re still not backing up to the door. What do you do? Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone you could call to expedite things?

Maybe you are not happy with the lanes dispatchers have been assigning to you. Far too often, you come across roadworks and tolls. You are constantly late which is frustrating for a professional driver like yourself. And you are not clear who you can talk to about that.

After six months of driving no one has asked you how you feel, whether you are happy and would like to carry on or leave.

Well, this is not how we roll. We take care of our own.

Our truck drivers are our main assets. You are the driving force of our business.

We sat down to talk and created a position within the company who will be the point person when it comes to our relationship with our drivers. The new Driver Relations Manager will not have an easy job. Quite the opposite. But it will be worth it once it gets up to speed.

To make sure the job gets done properly, we thought: “Who better to choose for the position than someone who was a driver himself once and has been running our fleet for a few years now?” We chose Nick to work with our drivers. He’s been there, done that and bought a tone of t-shirts. He can relate.

You have all met Nick at some point and talked to him. In case you didn’t know, Nick was a driver himself. He was a lease purchase driver and at some point, he got his own truck. And then another one. And he’s been our Fleet Manager for two years.

You can always talk to your dispatcher about anything.

However, from now on, Nick’s job will be to find out what you want and need, how we could improve things. He will be there to talk about those issues you are not comfortable talking to with your dispatcher. Or things out of the scope of their responsibility.

You and us, we are all in the business of making money. This way we can make money and be happy doing it. Let’s be real; even though it’s one of the most common jobs around the US, truck driving isn’t easy. Which makes it important you can work in a respectful and comfortable environment.

As you will mostly be on the road, you can contact Nick on 708-942-4585. All of you thinking about driving for us, dial the same number and ext. 4 to reach our recruiters. We’ll be happy to take your call and hopefully see you soon. For now, visit our webpage at to find out more.

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