Few words about a skinny truck driver

Few words about a skinny truck driver

Few words about a skinny truck driver

Dear professional drivers,

Hard work really does pay off and most of you know that already. Professional career is like a mirror, you
get what you do. It is that simple, but you have to be patient. Your hard work will never go unnoticed in
our company. Let me tell you a few words about a skinny truck driver who had nothing but a strong will,
and you will see why we understand truck drivers so well.

When he was in his twenties, he started to drive a truck. He worked for a company which provided him
bad home time terms, bad payment. He didn`t want to quit because he knew that his family was
depending on him. He lived in his truck for 2 years. He didn`t know how the system works. Everything he
wanted is to get the job done. At his very beginning, he didn’t want to refuse a load. Everyone smiled at
him because he was driving for little money. But after several months everything had changed. He was
recognized in the eyes of his colleagues as a driver who gets the job done, he was a reliable and a
professional truck driver and also hardworking. His career started to grow.

Because of that, this driver had a lot of offers from many companies. Many companies wanted him
because of his reliability and strong character.

After several years of driving and being hungry, this guy is not skinny anymore. He went into this
business with a strong vision. That guy is the owner and CEO of our company with 100 trucks and over
200 trailers. He knows the soul of a truck driver. Because of that, our company provides great terms to
our drivers. We are all brothers and sisters. Yes, we are forced all the time by our CEO to understand
how the truck driving job is hard and we must respect that. There is a sentence we repeatedly shout out

Let `s grow together!


  • Timothy on December 16, 2017 4:48 am Reply

    The American dream, I love it. Makes me proud of being a veteran, so few places in the world where a story like that can happen. Congratulations.

  • Marshall Nichols on April 2, 2018 2:16 am Reply

    Best Company Ever. My Dispatcher CJ. I wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world. I love that guy and haven’t met him. Keep up the good work JDM. Thank you CJ. You are awesome

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