Welcome to our Owner Operators page. With over 200 units in the fleet, JDM Expedite runs a special department for owners which we’d like to further develop.

The main advantage of being an owner is the flexibility in terms of hours spent on the road, and with that, the money earned. Owning a truck is no small thing. It gives you a sense of achievement and independence. But being a businessman or woman is sometimes about saving money too. This is where we come in.

As an owner, you get to choose your lanes and have more free time to spend with your family and grow your business. And you can set up your rig just the way you want it, for maximum comfort.

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Through the years, we have developed unique JDM Load Board Software based on artificial inteiligence.

From the beginning, our vision was to find a fast way to book the best paying loads for our drivers. Now, thanks to our team of developers, we have shortened time for booking quality loads.

The result is excellent truck utilization, which directly means more money for our drivers. After years in trucking and thousands of business partners, we have over 30.000 cutomers and brokers in our database.

“I have been working with JDM for 6 months and have had all great experiences. JDM is safe, reliable and continues to go the extra lime to service my needs.”

Carson C.


The market is ever changing. Over the road traffic is more regulated and fuel and insurance costs are on the rise. It’s all about the margin.

Out of all of the loads we book:
- 50% are directly with the shipper.
- 35% through our JDM Load Board Software
- 15% or less through DAT or other loads boards

Here at JDM Expedite, our management has worked out a strategy where you can still earn a guaranteed $250 - $270k per year.

3 things that our Owner Ops like...





UP TO $.30 CPG




Angelo B.


“Your job is kinda like a family. No family is perfect, but the communication line in this family is better than a lot of communication lines of the other families. Here, when you do speak about something, it will get addressed.”

Cesar C.


“I`ve been with JDM a year. It`s a great company to work for. Great miles, great pay and excellent dispatchers.”


We will treat every driver like family and provide outstanding service to all our customers 24/7 365 days in a year.


In 10 years we want to be the Number ONE company drivers want to work for and the FIRST choice for Brokers around the US.

What our customers say about us?

Carson C.


“I have been working with JDM for 6 months and have had all great experiences. JDM is safe, reliable and continues to go the extra mile to service my needs. Highly recommend!

Katie P.


“I have been working with JDM Expedite for a year now. They are reliable , straight forward and always accountable. Always on time, always professional and the employees are friendly and pleasant to work with. I`ve not run into a service issue yet and they are outstanding with communication. One of the best large dry van carriers ive worked with.”

Ryan K.


“Have done business with JDM for over a year. They’re reliable and a carrier I can always count on.”



We think the currency of leadership is transparency. A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity. It's essential to be professional if we want to succeed. We never compromise our values.


A group of highly motivated and qualified dispatchers will be at your disposal at all times. They will always try to find the right load for you based on what you prefer. To raise efficiency, we analyze and pre-plan. This helps us to make sure you have enough time to run your loads and to make sure you get a higher operation ratio, lighter loads with lower expenses on tolls and fuel.

Trailer option

Just in case you don’t have your own trailer, there is one waiting for you at our terminal. Our trailers are maintained to a first-class condition and are less than four years old. Specs include an air-ride system and an advanced tire inflation system “Tire Max Pro”. All the trailers are plated so there is little to any risk of load rejection. Renting a trailer is just another option we offer.

The Money

As part of our offer, we give you up to 90% of the load rate we agreed with the customer. The actual percentage will depend on the other items in the contract and which package you choose. For sure, 90% is an industry leading percentage.

Reducing your costs

After 10 years of experience in this challenging market, our team developed an efficient business setup which allows us to provide you with some benefits, beyond the normal offers you get:

You get our fuel card with up to $.30 cents/gallon special discounts.

We can provide you cargo and liability insurance.

And you have 24/7 access to our expert Safety and Maintenance colleagues.

50% direct-from shipper-loads.


Yes, you can. As long as the tractor is DOT ready and ELD compliant. After your first talk with our Recruiting Dept. send us some photographs of the truck so we could make an initial assessment.

No problem. We have implemented a rider policy covering all passengers 21 or older. All you have to do is sign some paperwork when you get to our home base.

The industry, and especially spot-freight is unpredictable, but our dispatchers have enough experience to at least try to fit your 34-hour reset with some weekend home time. If you live in one of the Midwest states, or in the South-East or the South, then it’s shouldn’t be an issue. In such cases, we would make sure you are on a short load delivering in your hometown or close by.

After six months working with us with at least one passed DOT inspection in that period, you will be eligible for a safety bonus providing all the requirements are met.

We do not have a set number of rejections before we stop offering loads. Dispatch works hard to find you the right load and we like to set up such a relationship with you where we know what kind of load you are looking for. We are here to advise but we never use force dispatch. However, in the unlikely case you keep rejecting our loads, we won’t be able to guarantee an annual gross of $230-270k.

That is a good question. It all depends on what kind of deal we agree together. For instance, if we agree to give you 80% of every load, then the regular wear and tear maintenance is 100% free (apart from damage sustained by the fault of the Contractor). The exact rate will depend of the type of a deal you made with our Recruiting Department.

Yes, we can provide a certain amount of cash for emergency breakdowns or things like oil changes. We also let you use our National tire account which provides you with great savings on tires.

Yes, we do. In fact, the longer you stay with us, the greater the fuel discount we provide. It starts at $0.10 per gallon if you fuel up to a minimum of 450 gallons weekly. As time passes, you will get a higher discount based on your performance. Feel free to ask your recruited about the details.

Thanks for another good question. Depending on the feedback from the road service after you’ve had a breakdown and the estimated repair time, we will arrange for transportation and a recovery truck, so your income doesn’t suffer.


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